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What is the average temperature of a cremation chamber?

About 1600 degrees.

How long does it take to cremate a body?

2 hours for an average adult, 1 hour for a child, plus one hour cool-down time.

Are caskets burned with the body?

Only if it is a non-metal casket and if requested by the family. There are non-metal caskets made specifically for cremation.

How much do cremated remains weigh?

Adult remains weigh 4-8 pounds, a child's remains weight about 2-3 pounds.

What do cremated remains look like?

They consist of calcium deposits that look like small chunks of ground white coral. Most people mistakenly think they look like black ashes from a fire.

Do cremated remains have any sort of bacteria or other hazardous elements that can be harmful if handled directly?

No, cremated remains are, in fact, quite sterile & sanitary.  They do not present a health hazard other than the fact that they are very dusty and best to keep away from your eyes and not to breathe the dust.

How much of the cremated remains are you able to recover from the cremation chamber?

99.9% all of the ashes are recovered from the chamber.

How do I know that the ashes that I receive after cremation are those of my loved one?

Oahu Cemetery has careful identity verification procedures that are conducted prior to cremation. Families may request to view the placement of the deceased into the chamber if they need further assurance

Do you have to get permission from a state or city office to scatter ashes?

No permission or permit is required by the state or city. However, you may only scatter ashes on private property with the consent of the landowner.  Discretion is highly recommended.  Technically a permit is required to scatter ashes at sea within 3 miles of shore.

Are there any restrictions on where you can scatter ashes?

No, as long as you have permission from the landowner. Sea scattering or air scattering does not require permission from anyone.  A high level of discretion is recommended.  Technically a permit is required for the scattering of ashes within 3 mile of shore.

Are there restrictions on what type of container can be used to hold ashes?

There are no restriction. Any type of container may be used.

Where do you store the deceased while awaiting cremation?

We place the deceased in a certified refrigerator unit in the crematory.

What happens to gold teeth filling and pacemakers?

Pacemakers are extremely hazardous when subjected to the heat of the cremation chamber and will explode. All pacemakers must be removed prior to cremation. Gold fillings, if recoverable, will be placed with the ashes.

Can the next of kin override the stated wishes of the deceased to be cremated or buried?

In 2013 the Act 17 "Disposition of Remains" was signed into law.  This law sets forth specific protocol regarding who has authority to decide the method of disposition of a deceased persons remains.  In general, a person may leave written notarized instructions that direct the manner and conditions for the disposition of a person's remains.  In the absence of such written instructions, the next in line is their surviving spouse/civil union partner. Next in line are a majority of the surviving children.  Following the children are the surviving parents and then a majority of siblings.  The list goes on from there   You should rely upon the advice of an attorney in such matters.

Is the smoke that comes out of the chamber stack ashes?

Most of the residue seen, if any, is from the diesel fuel used to fire the chamber. There are very stringent state and federal laws that regulate crematory emissions.

Are body parts ever released through the smoke stack?

Absolutely not. The intensity of the heat quickly prevents this from happening.

What type of odors are produced from cremation?

Surprisingly, there is very little odor associated with cremations. However, diesel oil odor may be present. The amount of emissions released is strictly regulated by state and federal laws.  Oahu Cemetery & Crematory is in the process of replacing it's diesel fueled crematories with state of the art natural gas fueled crematory units.

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